Plasticolor 2000

Plasticolor 2000 Volumetric Feeder for Color, Masterbatch and Additives

The PC2000 is a versatile and efficient feeder for small and medium production machines. It can deliver various additives, such as color and masterbatch, with high accuracy and reliability. The feeder has various options to suit different needs, such as neckpieces, feed screws, and hoppers. The feed rate can be adjusted from a few ounces per hour to 75 pounds per hour, depending on the application and the additive type. The PC2000 is easy to install, operate and maintain, and it offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing the quality and performance of your products.

  • For use on extruders and injection molding machines.
  • Feed rates from a few ounces-per-hour to 75 pounds-per-hour.
  • Handles free-flowing materials from powders to pellets.
  • Reduces color or additive change time to a few minutes… without special tools.
Plasticolor 2000 Additive Feeder with
AC motor and optional Quick Drain