Volumetric Additive Feeders


Plasticolor accurately adds color, additives and regrind to the production process directly
at the machine’s throat, which can greatly reduce manufacturing costs and provide expanded manufacturing capabilities. The Plasticolor is ideal for extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding applications.


The basic feeder operation is straightforward. The Plasticolor feeder is installed directly under the production machine’s main material hopper. a feed screw is used to meter the additive material into the primary material stream passing through the neckpiece. The additive feed rate is set and controlled by a variable speed controller that controls the motor’s speed that drives the feed screw. Several interchangeable feed screw sizes are available for each feeder to provide feed rates that range from a couple of ounces-per-hour to 5,000 pounds per hour.



Premium motor with closed-loop speed control and precision feed screws assure accurate, consistent feed rates.


The Plasticolor uses cast aluminum and welded steel plate construction for strength and rigidity assuring long life and absolute minimum maintenance cost.


Feedscrews are changed in a few minutes and additives can be changed even faster all without tools or removing the hopper from the feeder.

Ease of Operation:

Simple, easy-to-use controls make sure that anyone can operate the feeder to get accurate repeatable results even while the unit is on-line.


Multiple feed screw combinations and motor speeds handle most types of free-flowing, nonbridging materials. Whether the fed material is strand cut, dice-cut, or bead round or square big or small your Plasticolor can be custom configured to handle it out of standard components. Interchangeable feed screws allow the same feeder to be used to feed ounces or pounds of material. Multiple Plasticolor feeders on the same neckpiece solve the problem of feeding multiple additives at the same time.


Custom neckpieces and hoppers can be specified to tailor the Plasticolor to your application. Standard options include items such as Hopper Loaders, Feeder Speed-to-Extruder Speed Synchronizers. Custom Control Cabinets, Hopper Low Level Alarms, and Special Feed screws all designed to optimize the Plasticolor for your specific application. Designed for small to medium-size production machines. The PC2000 provides feed rates from a few ounces-per-hour to 48 pounds-per-hour. It is an ideal choice for delivering color and other additives accurately and reliably. Select from multiple neckpiece designs, six interchangeable Feed Screws

Plasticolor 2000
1 oz to 75 lbs/hr
Shown with AC Motor amd optional
Quick Drain

Plasticolor 3000
1 oz to 1800 lbs/hr
Shown AC Motor and with optional Loader and Quick Drain

Plasticolor 4000
High Capacity
Feed rates from 88 lbs -per-hour to 5,000 pounds-per-hour.

1 oz to 75 lbs/hr
Inexpensive and reliable

Mixing Station
1 oz to 40000 lbs/hr
Versatile and Flexible

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