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Automatic Color Change

The Plastore Automatic Color Change System provides a simple and automated means for on-stream transitions between color recipes utilizing existing feeders and Mixing Stations.  The system allows control and monitoring for two feeders, and provides a touch-screen interface for easy operator interaction. All interaction with the system is done using the touch screen interface.

The touch screen senses capacitance, not pressure, so only a light touch with a finger or stylus is required.


  • Integrated PLC Controller Touch Screen Interface
  • Internal Database stores up to 64 Individual Color Recipes
  • Real-Time Feeder Information including Run Status,  Recipe, and RPM
  • Built-In Hopper Level alarm.
  • Color Change Sequence is programmable and based on product actually produced
  • Feeders may be run in Automatic, Manual, or Timed modes for additional flexibility


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Water Cooled Sleeve

Water cooled sleeve for temperature sensitive materials.

The water cooled sleeve extends through the material stream and drops the additive in the center of the main material. The mixing takes place directly in the center of  the neckpiece. By  dropping the additive in the center of the neckpiece, our unit prevents the additive from adhering to the sides of the neckpiece. This configuration simplifies cleanout and additive changes.


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Remote Control Software

The Plastore Web Enabled Remote Feeder Control software utility allows users to monitor and interact with individual feeders or mixing stations via a Windows based PC environment using the standard Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser as the primary interface. Feeders may be started and stopped, and motor speeds may be adjusted on-the-fly to suit changing requirements. Motor RPM and Feeder Status are displayed in Real-Time as data is passed back to the web server from PLC controllers via serial or Ethernet communications. In addition, recipes may be created and stored to define standard production runs for repeatable manufacturing results

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