Hopper Loader and Hopper Loader Alarm

The Plasticolor Hopper Loader automatically transfers material from a container into the hopper of a Plasticolor feeder, eliminating the manual labor associated with keeping the hopper full of material to be fed. The Plasticolor Loader is available on new Plasticolor Feeders or as a kit for installation on existing Plasticolor Feeders or other manufacturers’ hoppers.

Hopper Loader with Alarm

The Hopper loader alarm adds a strobe light and 90-105 Db staccato piezo alarm. It will activate if the loader does not receive material within a specified time. The time it takes before the alarm is activated is can be adjusted.

The Loader

An automotive type air filter on the loader stops air-born dust from entering the plant. High/low-level sensor in the hopper tells the Controller when to load material … starting the feeder when the material reaches the low-level sensor and stopping the loader when the hopper is full. A combination of features that make the Plasticolor Hopper Loader unique 

The high-efficiency material transfer wand works well at air supply pressures as low as 70 psi. The high/low-level sensors in the hopper provide positive control of the material loading cycle, always maintaining a safe level of material in the hopper.

This dual-level sensor approach eliminates the need for additional timers or complex calibration procedures associated with a “single sensor” loader control approach. Unique “Clamp Ring” mounting of the hopper mounted loader allows the material inlet tube to be rotated 360 for desired inlet direction. Low profile design only adds 5 1/2″ to the hopper height for those “tight fit” applications. Universal mounting design can be used on almost any hopper.

Plastiloader Hopper Loader
Hopper Loader Control with Alarm Feature
Hopper Loader Control with Alarm Feature