Plasticolor 3000

Plasticolor 3000 Volumetric Color Additive Feeder and Regrind Feeder

The PC3000 is the ultimate feeder for your production needs. If you need a reliable and versatile feeder for your large-scale production machines, look no further than the PC3000. This feeder can handle a wide range of materials, from colorants and regrind to additives and fillers. You can customize the feed screw and motor speed to match your desired feed rate, from a few ounces per hour to 1,760 pounds per hour. The PC3000 also comes with different neckpiece options to suit your application needs.


  • For use on extruders and injection molding machines.
  • Feed rates from a few ounces-per-hour to 1,760 pounds-per-hour.
  • Handles free-flowing materials from powders to pellets.
  • Reduces color or additive change time to a few minutes… without special tools.
Plasticolor 3000 Additive Feeder for Color, Additives and Regrind
Plasticolor 3000 with AC motor optional Hopper Loader and Quick Drain

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