Plasticolor 2000GR Color Feeder

Plasticolor 2000 GR Gravimetric Additve Feeder with Stepper Motor and Optional Quick drain attachment

The Plasticolor 2000 GR Gravimetric Feeder

It is a rugged gravimetric auger feeder. The unit accurately feeds free-flowing color pellets and additives at the throat of extrusion, blow molding, and injection molding machines. The system incorporates a special algorithm that filters out vibrations and movement from mold clamping, making it suitable for injection molding machines. Plasticolor 2000 GR
utilizes a stepper motor providing high resolution of speed control from 0.3 rpm to 225 rpm. Isolated 10/100 Ethernet
makes possible the retrieval of production information. An integrated venturi loader is included.

Easy Setup
  • Injection molding – Just enter the shot size and % of additive you want to add. Start the feeder and it will
    automatically adjust itself to the machine cycle.
  • Extrusion – Enter the max output of your production machine and the % of additive you want to add.
    The feeder will automatically follow your extruder speed and adjust accordingly.
  • We weigh a small inner hopper not the whole machine.
  • The weigh hopper is completely enclosed and protected.
  • Recipe Storage
  • Rigid mechanical structure
  • Automatic material parameter tuning
  • Easy and fast material changes
  • 0.1g weighing resolution
  • Loss-in-weight
  • Materials Accounting
  • Special algorithms for Injection Molding
  • Integrated loading system for pellets and micro granules
  • Stepper motor operated (1600 steps per revolution)
  • Screw speed control 1:600 – 0.3-225rpm
  • Typical feed rate 0.16 – 66 Lbs/Hour
  • Easy upgrade of older Plasticolor units.