Mix-Miser is an inexpensive color feeder that provides a cost-efficient way of introducing color concentrates and other free flowing additives into the production process directly at the throat of the press.

Operation: The feeder is mounted onto a neckpiece installed directly under the production machine’s main material hopper. The feeder uses a feed screw to meter the additive into the primary material stream as it is passing through the neckpiece. The additive feed rate is set and controlled by a simple variable speed controller governing the speed of the motor that drives the feed screw. A number of interchangeable feed screw sizes are available to provide feed rates that range from a couple of ounces-per-hour to 46 pounds per-hour

Mix-Miser for small machines


  • A cost-efficient feed system constructed of cast aluminum and welded steel plate for strength and rigidity assuring a long life and minimum maintenance cost. Optional neckpieces and hoppers are available to tailor the Mix-Miser to your specific application
Mix-Miser 2

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