Gravimetric Feeders for Color and Additives

Plastore’s single gravimetric feeders accurately feed free-flowing color and additives at the throat of extrusion, blow molding, and injection molding machines.
The system incorporates a special algorithm that filters out vibrations and movement from mold clamping making it suitable for use on injection molding machines
Plastocolor 2000Gr

Plasticolor 2000GR
1 oz to 50 lbs/hr
Single Gravimetric feeder with integrated loader.Shown with optional Quick Drain

Gravibelt Gravimetric belt feeder

feed rate from 1 oz to 50 lbs/hr for pellets, and 0.5 oz to 30 lbs/hr for micro pellets.

Convert your volumetric Plasticolor to a gravimetric feeder.