ACLCC Benefits

ACLCC is more than just a color control system..

ACLCC is more than just a color control system for plastics manufacturing. It is a comprehensive solution that offers multiple benefits for quality, process and color change operations. Here are some of the features and advantages of ACLCC:

Quality Tool

ACLCC ensures consistent color quality throughout a production run by using a high-resolution, lab-grade color spectrophotometer to monitor the color of the extruded product in real time and automatically adjust the feeder rate to maintain preset color tolerances. It also allows programming downstream actions such as short cutting boards or sorting when the system indicates color is out of spec .

Auto Color adjustments keeping color in spec continuously

ACLCC eliminates the need for manual color measurements and adjustments by using closed-loop color control software that adjusts for bulk density variations of color concentrates, feed screw wear and other variations.

Added Auto-cut Functionality

ACLCC minimizes material waste and product recalls by automatically cutting or sorting defective products when the color is out of spec. It also provides automatic defect containment by moving the production color QC process from one of the time-interval-based color measurements and manual adjustments to real-time color monitoring and automated closed-loop color control .

Process Tool

ACLCC optimizes operator efficiency and productivity by freeing them to focus on additional value-added activities while ensuring consistent color quality throughout a production run. It also reduces line shutdowns and unnecessary changes in the production run by minimizing variation between operators and ensuring timely QC checks .

Recipe Checks

ACLCC allows the creation of recipes for different colors and products that can be easily stored and retrieved on the touch screen PLC. It also verifies that the correct recipe is being used for each production run.

Regression Check and Correction

ACLCC performs regression analysis on the color data to detect any drifts or trends in the color quality over time. It also provides correction factors to adjust the recipe or feeder rate accordingly..

Assist in Adjusting Formulations of unstable concentrates

ACLCC helps in adjusting the formulations of unstable concentrates by providing feedback on the color quality and stability of the product. It also provides correction factors to adjust the recipe or feeder rate accordingly.

Improved Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability.

ACLCC is a part of a fully integrated, online color measurement and Color control solution, tailored to meet the needs of plastics processors. It is a powerful tool that enhances quality, process and color change operations, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.

What are the chances of all other items which affect color being stable?

  • Blend Variation
  • ASA Variation
  • Base Feed Variation
  • Concentrate Variation
  • Bulk Density Variation
  • Particle Size Variation
  • Let Down Ratio Variation
  • Co-Extruder Variation
  • Fill System Variation
  • Convey Variations
  • Line Upsets
  • Operator Error
  • Not correctly following proven procedures (i.e. Stability, Color Change, Color Checks etc.)
  • Other 

    There was little chance of all these items remaining consistent, which is the main reason for this system.
  • If they were all stable, there wouldn’t be any color claims
  • Wouldn’t need to check every ½ hour

Quality Tool Constant Color Checks • Ability to continuously monitor for color shifts

  • Color change line 1 from  Gray #1 to Gray #2. Color feeder started at 21.9 and after 6 color feeder changes it ended up at 20.66, 3hr and 15 min later. This change was done by the Plastore unit totally automatically. 
  • If operator would have taken a check after color change and began to box product then waited until his next check 30 min later there is a high level of confident that the color would have been far out of the spec range and product would have had to be unboxed and scrapped.
  • 4 color feeder changes were made in the first 30 min after product started to be boxed.
Constant Color Monitor

Quality Tool Constant Color Checks

–  This system constantly monitors color and makes the necessary feeder changes at the correct times eliminating any delayed operator response and also  eliminates a color shift that would go undetected until a color check would be preformed at 30 min intervals having to back track and scrap product

Process Tool Recipe Error

  • Why did the run shift light?  
  • The ACLCC shows that at 16:38 the color to goes light. 
  • This was caused because operator loaded the wrong recipe for the substrate.
  • This shows how the  ACLCC system brought color back to nominal making several changes because the increased base feed reduced the regression accuracy causing the Plasticolor changes to move the DL* less. 
Base Change - No Recipe

Quality Tool Auto-cut benefit Example

  • On Friday QC picked up a check at 10:30 and found the color was 1.68 DL. Skid was put on hold and 6 boxes were discarded.
  • QC just happened to pick up at the only time during this run that the color was out of spec. Look at the scan data sheet in work book.  
  • The color spiked out of spec for 7 five second reads and then went back into spec. range. 
  • All color checks were taken on time and if not for QC’s timing this could have been a claim. 
  • Auto-cut would have prevented losing 144 pieces of profile, and only lost 12 panels
  • Eliminates potential color claims from field.  
Auto Cut Display

Process Tool Regression Checks and Correction

  • The speed calculation for this color was off, as you can see by the graph.  
  • Recording the feeder changes along with DL* movement will give the actual speed for any concentrate, improving performance. (Assuming Base Feed Rate remains constant)
  • Can better predict residence time in extruder  
  • Time difference between feeder change and actual start of color shift
Regression Error

Process Tool Studying How Db* Controlled Color works

  • Ability to monitor Db* Controlled colors and watch interactions between other functions
  • Can better train on color control for b* scale colors
  • Can assist in establishing better adjustments to  concentrates  
Db* Color Control

Color Change Tool

  • Allows all Color Changes to be the same
  • Mirrors Current Procedure
  • Assists Last Piece Checks
  • Stability Check
  • Improves Color Change Time

Fully Auto Color Change Explained

Process Tool – Adjusting Concentrates

  • Monitor stability of Color Concentrates
  • Assist in Identifying Problem Concentrates
  • Correct Concentrates
  • Assist in changes to LD Ratio, BD, and Form
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