Plastore, Inc. USA was founded in 1976 by Mr. Ingemar Lundh. Plastore has served the plastics industry well with a line of rugged, durable, high-quality additive feeders for use on extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, and wherever accurate additive feeders are needed.

Plastore feeders, sold under the Plasticolor name, provide the ability to accurately add or mix free-flowing plastic materials and additives to the production process directly at the throat of the production machinery … a capability that can greatly reduce manufacturing costs and provide expanded manufacturing flexibility.

Several underlying design fundamentals make a Plasticolor feeder a wise investment, because the feeder is:

  • Built to last!  Our feeders use a cast aluminum body for strength and rigidity … mounting neckpieces and associated parts are of welded steel construction for the same reasons. Our units are built well and designed to last as long as the production machinery it is mounted to.
  • Designed for easy maintenance and quick additive changes!  Feedscrews (providing feed rates from ounces-per-hour to thousands of pounds-per-hour) is changed without tools in a few minutes, and additives such as color can be changed in the same amount of time … all without removing the Hopper from the unit.
  • Easy to operate!  Simple, easy-to-use controls make sure that anyone can operate the feeders and get accurate, repeatable results.
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