We offer time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for the plastics industry.

Plastore, Inc. USA was founded in 1976 by Mr. Ingemar Lundh. Plastore has served the plastics industry with a line of rugged, durable, high-quality color feeders for use on extruders and injection molding machines, blow molding machines, and wherever accurate additive feeders are needed. Our expertise covers the field of extrusion products, plastic blow molding, and much more.

Plastore provides you with what you need, whether it’s feeding color or additives volumetrically or gravimetrically into extruders, injection molding, and blow molding machines. Save money and time by automatically controlling the color of your extruded products and adjusting color online in real-time.

Plasticolor 2000 with AC motor and Optional Quick Drain

Volumetric Color Feeders

Our volumetric color and additive feed system that delivers an auger feeder with an accurate and repeatable performance from a few ounces to 5000 lbs. per feeder. Our Additive feeders feature fast clean-out and versatile control options. We have solutions for Injection molding, Extrusion, and Blow molding.

Gravimetric Color Feeders

Our single gravimetric color and additive feeders accurately feed free-flowing color and additives. Mounted on the feed throat of the production machine feeding additives into main flow of natural material as it enters the throat of the Extrusion, Blow molding, or Injection Molding Machine…

ACLCC Control with Plasticolor 2000

Automatic Closed Loop Color Control

Get control of your color quality with Automatic Closed Loop Color Control(ACLCC)for plastics manufacturing.                                                ACLCC is a fully integrated, online real-time color measurement and monitoring color control solution tailored to meet the needs of plastics manufacturers…